Welcome to ViBuNe - The Virtual Business Network

A dream come true

We’ve been dreaming of launching a social network just for business entrepreneurs for the past ten years. Our first attempt wasn’t successful. The nearly 800 members who joined ViBuNe V1.0 didn’t have the drive nor the right tools to create the “buzz” specific to a healthy and active community. So, we had to close it down and get back to the drawing board. However, we extracted several essential lessons from that experience. First and foremost, we’ve learned that the communities around social network platforms are robust and amazingly active. Several competing solutions are available, which means building a social media platform is not the biggest challenge. Second, and perhaps unsurprisingly, we’ve learned that our endeavour must have a strong value proposition to be tempting like any other service or product. So, instead of focusing on technology, we decided to focus on the needs and wants of our potential members. So, for the last three years, we’ve built knowledge and re-designed our business model from the ground up, focusing on what you, the entrepreneur, need. We think we got things better now, and we’re ready to roll.

We’re not finished setting it up.

In the spirit of software development, we are changing and adapting features and tools as we move ahead, based on feedback and suggestions from our early members. We have to because we cannot know everything from the get-go. A social platform is a fluid technological challenge, and we must consider users’ feedback. Nevertheless, we are open, and we welcome any entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant or mentor to join and make their mark.

Why would you join?

To put it simply, you should join because you may discover something new and valuable for your business enterprise. The longer answer: - You will find like-minded business people to engage and talk to, exchanging information and experience related to your business. - You will have access to a growing number of tools that we specifically chose to help you in your business. To promote your business, pitch your services, even sell your products if suitable - You will find freelancers, specialists and mentors who are all eager to help you improve your business. But, most importantly, you will find an environment created and designed with transparency in mind, where everyone participates and shows what they can do for others. It is a business environment where everybody wants to sell something. But we don’t pretend ViBuNe is something else, only to sneak in costs after we captured your attention. Ultimately, ViBuNe is a business environment created to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge, education, products and services around the concept of improving our businesses. It can only work if everyone is engaged the right way. Join. Learn. Build. Grow. TOGETHER

The ViBuNe