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As our lives business gets busier and busier, we may feel like there are more and more "leaks" - things we should do but delay or ignore simply because there is not enough time in the day to properly focus on them. I think it is a feeling most of entrepreneurs have - unless they're the fortunate ones that are born with a knack to juggle all the challenges of starting, building and growing a business. Which, are not many, in my humble opinion.

But the biggest challenge of all is to be able to be effective whenever we find the time to focus on a particular problem. Being able to fully participate in a meeting and ignore the distractions, or being able to spend ten minutes to find a strategic approach to the market can make a world of difference. Which leads us to the easy-to-use solution we all have at hand but most of us ignore, not realizing how powerful it can be: practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness - the must have habit

Mindfulness takes you in a special space where your mind focuses completely on the problem at hand and allows you to concentrate on solving it completely and thoroughly.  Meditating for as little as 5 minutes before a meeting or during the day, before taking your next task can change the outcome of your work tremendously.

Most problems we have to solve on a  daily basis are persistent and evolve continuously. One does not set the marketing strategy and forgets about it. The marketplace responds and pushes back - competition, consumer trends, changes in technology, supply chain challenges. We must have a way to approach these issues that gives us a chance to step in and out of "problem-solving" mode easily. As our biggest problem in business is being able to "work on the business, not in it" it pays to have a way to be fully focused when we take on the challenge, in the little time left between pushing things ahead and taking care of the day-to-day operations.

Do yourself a favor: do a quick research online about "mindfulness in business". You'll be surprised how much research and work has been done around it and how powerful it is to include it in the business operations and personally.

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