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Consistency is key

As you probably know, consistency is many times the key to success.

When it comes to your online presence, which everyone knows can drive a business' marketing and sales revenue, it is essential to consider having a schedule of publishing activities. From blog posts (a perfect tool to introduce your prospects into your marketing and sales funnel) to social media posts, having a schedule means you can be consistent, irrespective of who does the publishing - yourself, a member of your team or a hired gun.

What's needed

To create such a publishing plan, you will need:

  1. A good list of topics to publish about (evidently, derived from your business or product/service value proposition)
  2. Tentative titles for the content pieces (makes it easier for the content writers to understand what they will write about)
  3. A picture and video library
  4. The publishing schedule
  5. An approval workflow
  6. Responsibilities and roles within the team
  7. A spreadsheet with all of the above
  8. Storage space for the plan and the content pieces

Other tools

Ideally, you'd also use a project management tool similar to Kanban (think Trello or equivalent), so the team can visualise the progress of the tasks.

Using this method, each team member - be it an employee, freelancer or agency worker - will quickly know what to do. Your content will roll out consistently, generating the desired effect - branding awareness, traffic to your website or online shop, or whatever the target is.


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