Why A Social Network For Business?

Ok, so this seems, for me, a bit weird and at the same time frustrating. On the one hand, business people struggle to gather enough knowledge and experience to run their enterprises in a way that delivers profitability and growth. On the other, except for the various forms of business chambers that - honestly speaking - are an antiquated form of helping businesses do better, there is little genuine help out there in the form of a community where you can participate. So, we are left to try and find our business communities on various social platforms that can accommodate our efforts to communicate with others having the same business interests.

I've seen attempts in the past that failed to become viral or at least widespread, from referral networks to so-called business networks, which end up gathering data and selling it to the highest bidder without providing any real value to our business needs. And I believe this is due to a lack of interest in offering actual value, not the networks' design. Even big names such as LinkedIn or the failed Google + failed to deliver something relevant to the business entrepreneur to make up for a true business offering.

So, why another attempt to build a social network for business?

In short, it is because I believe we have a good value proposition. ViBuNe intends to be a community where we can discuss how to do business better. We start a social network and aim to achieve growth, helping members prepare for digital marketing or implementing sales automation or customer service workflows. But first and foremost, we want to build a network where everybody helps everybody else. You may expect a dry environment initially, but I think we can avoid that by creating the right feeling and atmosphere.

Recruiting the best business experts and professionals with the right attitude is our plan. Thus, we hope to implement the model we believe can help everyone improve. We will also be limiting the free-for-all from the start to sustain a higher-quality discussion level. We also plan to combine free, paid, and lifetime membership levels based on activity, quality of content and advice, and service to the community.

If you are reading this, chances are you can benefit from such an environment, so please make an effort and participate, give feedback and provide ideas for improvement.

I promise we will listen and consider every suggestion very seriously.

And remember: Connect, Share, Innovate. We have the technology, and we have the people; nothing should stop you achieve your goals.


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